Three Conflict Resolution Strategies for Avoidant Workers

Horizon Job Alert 18 April, 2022

All workers have different personality traits that shape their work-style and problem-solving behavior. You may have trouble with conflict resolution if you have an avoidant personality because you don't like putting yourself in conflicting situations. Since it's not always possible to avoid conflict, you'll need to develop some strategies to weather storms. Here are some tips to solve issues when they come about:

Don't Run From the Problems

Avoid running away from issues you need to address. They aren't likely to resolve if you don't put any effort into handling them. Take as much time as you require to develop effective solutions and then do a few test runs. Conflict resolution is a trial-and-error field. You may not get it just right the first time, but you'll improve over time.

Choose Your Battles Wisely

It's acceptable to ignore some things because they aren't worth resolving. For instance, it may not be worth your time to deal with a coworker who wants to incite chaos. It would be better to find creative ways to let the individual's nonsense bounce off of you.

Take Time To Pause

Don't address everything right away. It's better to pause before you respond in some cases. Thus, you should take at least five seconds to think about what you want to say before you provide an answer in a tense situation. It might even be wise to excuse yourself to the bathroom where you can think. Try your best to remain professional in every situation and develop solutions that can work well.

Get Advice From a Trusted Source

Don't be afraid to speak to a coworker or member of management about an issue you're unsure how to handle. Taking the time to bounce the issue off a few other people might improve the outcome as well. You'll get to see each situation from a different perspective and decide which solution is best for you.

The above strategies should help you manage conflicts a little better. Don't forget you have resources, such as the Human Resources department to assist you with problems involving harassment or hostile workplace situations.