4 Best Benefits to Look For When Job Hunting

Horizon Job Alert 6 September, 2022

When looking for a new job, most people consider pay to be one of the most important factors. But in today’s job climate, when employers are so in need of good employees, they are often offering some creative incentives. This is an opportune time to consider other benefits that may be almost as good as a high salary.

Remote Work Option

Many employers are more open now to employees working from home. Even if your potential employer hasn’t expressly mentioned remote work as an option, you might try asking if it’s at least open for discussion.

Flexible Time Off

These days, employers are not so hard and fast about how many days an employee can take off, especially if it’s unpaid leave. Look for the words, “flexible time off” when looking online for jobs, if this is a benefit that interests you.

Tuition Reimbursement

If you’re career-minded, you might be considering a secondary degree or special certification in order to work your way up the corporate ladder. If so, look for a benefit known as tuition reimbursement so you don’t have to bear the full cost of higher education.


Depending upon the size of the organization, they may offer on-site childcare. This would likely be a situation where they pay for a licensed daycare to work out of one of the other spaces in the same building. This is such as nice benefit for working moms and dads who prefer to have kids nearby or who can’t afford to privately pay for childcare.

These are extra special benefits that you might be able to score from your new job. You should also make sure you get traditional benefits, like health and dental insurance and retirement benefits. And remember, don’t be shy about asking about benefits during your hiring interview!