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Tips for Changing Your Career During a Pandemic

Horizon Job Alert May 22, 2020

Because of the current state of confusion, a lot of workers are finding themselves having to change their jobs in the middle of a pandemic. If you are one of these people, the process is most likely difficult for you. There is a way to transition into a new career easily, however. These are some tips for doing that. 

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Unlikely Ways to Make Money During a Pandemic

Horizon Job Alert April 23, 2020

Nothing feels normal right now, and for some, that can be a very negative thing. However, when nothing seems normal, it means there might be some cool, unconventional new ways to make money and help others. Here are a few ideas of socially responsible and helpful ways to make money during the pandemic. 

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What You Need to Know About Working at Home During the Pandemic

Horizon Job Alert March 18, 2020

Post-Coronavirus, working from home is the new normal for many people. With social distancing measures firmly in place, that often means juggling work with childcare and other family obligations. What can you do to reduce the enormous pressure this puts on you?

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